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Who are we?

Kei Mouth Ratepayers and Residents Association (KMRRA) is a community based, Non-Profit Organisation, run by volunteer residents. KMRRA represents Kei Mouth ratepayers and residents by:

  • Working to promote the development of Kei Mouth through holding relevant stakeholders accountable for their actions- or lack thereof
  • Providing an information service to its members through
  • Working with affiliated associations to enhance and protect Kei Mouth and the surrounding areas.

Kei Watch Action Group (KWAG) is a registered Community Police Forum, run by volunteer residents, operating as a platform for community members, organisations and other relevant stakeholders and the police to meet and discuss local crime prevention initiatives. Crime prevention extends to ensuring that the surrounding areas are not an easy hiding place for criminals. The bush and veld surrounding the areas of Kei Mouth and iCwili are overgrown and pose a safety hazard in terms of criminals being able to hide in the bush, and a fire hazard.

The ratepayers and residents of Kei Mouth are serious about crime prevention and fire safety. As we head into the winter season the chances bush and veld fires increases. These fires are often started by accident and become uncontrollable at a rapid rate, especially when coupled with high winds. The reality is that the Kei Mouth fire station, under the management of the Amathola District Municiplaity, does not have the capacity to effectively fight out of control fires.

The members of the KMRRA and KWAG have joined forces to address the fire and general safety concerns of the residents. The Kei Mouth Fire Team has subsequently been created to address the concerns of property owners and residents.

The Kei Mouth Fire Team is made up of a group or volunteer residents working to supplement the Amathola Firefighting services in Kei Mouth. The purpose of this team is to assist the Amathola Firefighting services when needed.

The fire team have consulted with the Amathola firefighting services and have established a two-fold plan to assist Amathola firefighting services in Kei Mouth:

Fire hydrants:

  • Carry out an inspection of all fire hydrants in the Kei Mouth area
  • Map and share the location of the fire hydrants with the community
  • Establish which hydrants need upgrading
  • Raise funds to mark and upgrade fire hydrants to assist with improving reaction time in a fire emergency

Fire fighting trailer:

  • Raise funds to build 2 firefighting trailers to be on standby to assist the Fire Department when necessary.
  • Each trailer will have the capacity for a team of 3 trained people
  • Each team will be equipped with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment needed in a fire emergency.
  • Each team member will be trained in fire fighting skills and the use of the fire trailer
Fire Fighting Trailer

Fire Fighting trailer info:

This trailer is the smaller of the two planned trailers. This trailer is complete and will be showcased on the 29th of May outside Savemor. The value of this trailer is approximately R 20 000.

It is equipped with the following:

  • A water tank with a 500l carrying capacity.
  • A water pump with a petrol motor
  • A hose reel with 30m of hose
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • A rucksack sprayers, among other smaller pieces of equipment

Progress to date:

  • KMRRA gave the project a boost with a R10 000 sponsorship from funds generated from membership fees.
  • The team has raised another R21 000, that has been used to upgrade the fire hydrants and build the first fire trailer
  • The location and inspection of 37 fire hydrants is complete. This process continues as more hydrants are revealed through residents becoming aware of this project.
  • Funds have been secured to complete the upgrade of 12 key hydrants identified.
  • The cleaning, upgrading and marking of these hydrants has begun
  • The funds raised have enable the team to complete the construction of the first fire trailer

A BIG THANK YOU goes to all who have sponsored money, time and equipment for this project so far

What still needs to be done?

R 60 000 is needed to:

  • Complete the construction of the second fire trailer
  • Complete the upgrading and marking of the remaining 25 fire hydrants.
  • Purchase appropriate protective gear and fire fighting equipment for the firefighting teams

In addition to this the firefighting team will need to be trained by a recognised and accredited organisation.

What can I do to help?

This project is relying on the generosity of the community. To date sponsorship of equipment and monetary donations has raised over R 30 000. We are still short of R 60 000 excluding training costs.

Individuals and organisations can assist by making a donation towards the successful completion of this project. Donors will be acknowledged on the fire trailers and with permission, published in our newsletters and on

Donations can be deposited into the KWAG bank account:

  • Bank account: KWAG
  • Bank: FNB (Beacon Bay)
  • Account no:  62793217285
  • Reference: Your Initials & Surname followed by FP

Join us for the big reveal, enjoy a boerie roll for R 30 & learn more about the fire fighting trailer

Between 10am and 12 on Saturday 29 May,

next to Savemor

Trailer viewing on Friday 28 May from 2 – 4 pm