Kei Mouth & iCwili Residents Caring for their villages and community

iCwili & Kei Mouth residents join forces

In the midst of all the recent unrest, looting and negative press that South Africa has been receiving, it is wonderful to report that Kei Mouth and iCwili residents have joined forces to make a difference in our villages. A group of concerned citizens from iCwili approached the Kei Mouth Ratepayers and Residents Association (KMRRA) with the idea of working out how the two neighbouring villages could work together to make a difference in our area

The Friends of Cwili-Kei initiative was born from these discussions and work began with a group or volunteers from iCwili and Kei Mouth joining forces on Saturday 7 July to start cleaning areas prioritised by the Friends of Cwili-Kei. The first two target areas were the drainage in front of the St Peter’s Church going down to the Main Road. The second target area identified was the pavement in Coral Street behind the Police Station. This area was identified as a priority, due to a recent sewage spill leading to the sewage collection truck having difficulty accessing the connection point, and ultimately sewage leaking into a furrow going to the Kei River.

We were overwhelmed with the support received from the communities, with more than 30 volunteers arriving to work, donate their vehicles and trailers to assist with providing teatime refreshments. In addition to this, we had a number of cash donations to buy food and drinks for tea time.

A huge amount was achieved on this first day. Another group of volunteers committed to assisting again on Wednesday 14 July. With their assistance, Coral street is now cleared. This allows easy access for the sewage truck, and enables the team clearing drains, to begin their work here.

uBuntu for Nelson Mandela Day

Cleaning drains

The Friends of iCwili-Kei focused their efforts in the iCwili area of Kei Mouth on Saturday 17 July. The group were once again overwhelmed with the number of volunteers who arrived to help clean litter and drains in iCwili. Once again residents offered their time, labour, vehicles, trailers and tools to assist with the clean-up efforts.


The NATURE NERDS started with the clean up and removal of dead bush in the BUTTERFLY RESERVE adjacent to Palm Cottage, which has become a fire hazard. This is a ongoing event that will take place on Saturdays from 09h30 to 12h30. We are starting small due to Covid regulations and would like to increase helping hands as soon as allowed. Will keep you updated. Saturday 17 July, saw the group once again gathering to continue clearing. Much progress was made here too.. Once again volunteers assisted with clearing the bush and transporting the vegetation to the garden refuse dump.

The images below speak for themselves!

But wait there’s more!

The Friends of St Peter’s put out a winter warmer appeal for people to donate warm blankets and clothes for those in need over the cold winter months. The quality and quantity of warm items received surpassed their wildest dreams. They are most grateful to each and everyone who made a donation. The warm good were distributed and as the words below show, much appreciated: “Hi Mr Pretorious  the people very enjoy about the clothes and the blankets and they were very happy the said I must say thank you to you and your wife.I was thinking to come they by your house but the I can’t  the wind is blowing very strong .. Maybe I can come tomorrow or Afternoon if the wind can stop.

Last, but certainly not least

A BIG thank you  to all of you who heeded a call to support the people of KwaZulu Natal affected by last week’s wave of looting and destruction. Yesterday, three bakkie loads of stuff were handed over in Richmond where  the donations will be distributed amongst others, to affected old age homes. Many thanks once again.  Thanks also to those who assisted to transport the donations.